Polypropylene bags

 Polypropylene bag is a universal container designed for the transportation and temporary storage of bulk cargo, including food (flour, cereals, wheat, etc.), construction materials, chemical products.

 Our polypropylene bags have significant advantages in terms of reliability and wear indicators.

 The main advantages of a polypropylene bag include ― resistance to damage and aggressive influences.

Advantages of polypropylene white bags:

  • high mechanical strength and impact resistance
  • fabric resistance to friction
  • resistance to temperature changes (from -70 to +70 ° C)
  • light weight
  • bags do not rot
  • easy to recycle
  • ecological cleanliness (decompose in the ground in just a few months).
  • low price!

Scope of application of polypropylene bags:

  • construction works (storage of cement, sand, collection of construction debris)
  • transportation of construction waste and garbage (fast, environmentally friendly and convenient)
  • agriculture (packaging, transportation and storage of technical and food products, fertilizers)
  • at home: when moving (as packaging), for waste collection
  • all other industries where packaging and transportation of various waste or products is necessary.

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